Latest Hair Trends For Short Hair

Posted On - 12 Oct 2016

Feel like your short hairstyle needs punching up? Bear these four upcoming short hair trends in mind.

Short hair can lock you into styles that are dull and uninspiring. Follow this year’s newest looks and take your hair from drab to dramatic.

Pixie Cut

It’s the ultimate fast and easy cut. You can shampoo and style it in a snap. Typically hair is the same length all over and close to the head, flattering heart-shaped, round or oval faces best. Give it a modern twist with choppy layers. Bangs can be long and side parted or super short and fringed to frame the face. Use products to give yourself distinct looks. An anti-frizz serum like Wella Smooth Brilliance creates a smooth cap. Rub in mousse at the roots and scrunch upward for some height on top. Work a light-hold gel into wet hair and ruffle away for punky attitude. Whether blow-dried or left au natural, a personalized pixie cut is bang on trend.

The Bob

Bobs come in all shapes — angular, asymmetric, layered, rounded. The length can hit top of the jaw, chin or middle of the neck. Bobs never go out of style but they can definitely use some updating. This season, go for an unstructured bob. Think lots of texture, blurred ends and worn a little messy. It works with most hair types and looks particularly dynamite if you have a strong jawline. It’s super versatile too. Let hair air dry, spray with Wella Ocean Spritz and shake it out to encourage natural waves. Blow-dry while tousling hair with hands for faster results. This bob’s about looking carefree and chic. 

If you really are unsure of going short, you can first try the bob with the help of this fake bobtutorial that you can do with long hair.

The Mob

Also known as the medium-hair-bob or demi-bob, the mob puts a spin on the classic blunt cut. Hair skims the top of the shoulders. Bangs are long, layered and pushed forward or to the side. This relaxed, on-trend style works for many face shapes. Apply Wella Texture Touch to bangs and choppy ends. Roughen-up tresses for some unkempt, sexy flair.

Mixing It Up is In

Short hair doesn’t have to be predictable. Using a curling wand or flat iron to mix up your style keeps a short cut fresh and fun. Try giving your look some wind-tousled romance. On straight hair, wrap dry strands of different thicknesses around a curling iron. Comb out with fingers for loose waviness. Does your curly hair need a little more finesse? Break out the flat iron. Slightly fluff hair at the roots to keep it from looking too flat and defined. Skim Wella Mirror Polish over the surface for high-impact shine. Get edgy and flat iron short pieces to accentuate layers. Spike up strands in all directions with a strong-hold gel.

Short hair can be as trendy and today as you want it to be. It’s only a snip away.