Get Expert Tips To Get Soft, Shiny Hair Even With Thin Hair!

Posted On - 12 Oct 2016

Enrico Mariotti, hair stylist, shares his tips with us on how to achieve body, hold and shine even on thinner and more delicate hair.

Full yet lightweight volume. The trend for the new season evokes soft, full and shiny hair, with soft, sensual waves as if a gust of wind has just messed up the hair. For those with fine hair, resistant to styling, this may seem a difficult result to achieve. As a matter of fact, even hair that tends to go flat can be brought back to fullness and vitality with the right products and the strategic use of the hairdryer, brush and treatments for styling. Invaluable secrets to ensure your hair is always buoyant, full of energy and shine.

Operation softness, starting from the shampoo

Hydrated and deeply nourished, the hair will look full and luminous. Sometimes however, it's not easy to reconcile nourishment with lightness. The secret? Choose the latest generation products, able to respond to these needs thanks to innovative formulations which are the result of modern technology. Choose ultra-gentle shampoos that deeply purify without weakening the hair fiber and conditioners with special micro-strengthening agents that take care of the hair by hydrating and softening it without weighing it down. They rinse out in an instant, without any remaining residue that could weigh the hair down. Even the latest masks have ultra-light formulas with a high concentration of active moisturizing ingredients ensuring an intense treating action, and a "featherweight" effect on the hair.

Extra pampering for thinner, finer hair

Fine hair has a smaller diameter than all other hair. It is normal then that it lacks in volume and usually goes flat over time especially at the roots. The choice of products for daily treatment plays an important role - only light formulas will ensure softness and shine along with full bodied hair. Even just a few tips can be invaluable, such as drying your hair upside down and trying not to brush it continuously throughout the day. The right cut? Layered, but not too much, to relieve the lengths of the weight and to give body to the hair. If the face allows it, it's best to aim at a short line - it's much easier to set and maintain volume with regard to long hair. 

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Styled in the right way, it soon becomes soft

Even professionally executed styling can help to give body, lightness and extra shine to the hair. The best product? A mousse that ensures soft, full volume and gives body without weighing down, by gently supporting the hair's natural movement. After cleansing, simply apply one or two dollops of product, making sure you distribute it well to the roots, the part which provides support to the whole head. Then comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb and dry as normal. And if during the day you want to revive the line and reemphasize the volume? Simply backcomb the roots lightly with a fine-toothed comb and spritz with hairspray to set without causing the style to yield.

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