Facial Yoga To Help Fight Wrinkles

Posted On - 11 Oct 2016

If you want to stop time taking its toll on your face, there's nothing like a few simple exercises to strengthen those facial muscles and prevent the skin from sagging. An anti-ageing treatment that's completely free!
Preventing sagging jowls

Gently tilt your head back as you inhale and bring it back into the upright position as you exhale. Once you have done this 3 times, tilt your head back whilst trying to pull the lower lip over the upper lip then exhale as much as you can as you lower your head.

Preventing sagging eyelids

Place your thumb on your eyebrow and your index finger on your eyelid and widen the gap between your two fingers whilst trying to close your eyes. Exhale as you do so and then release.

Relaxing the eyes

Place your thumb on the arch of your eyebrow and draw it up towards the brow as you try to close your eye. Place your hand over the other eye so as to differentiate, then relax your eyes by tracing small circles on your eyelids without pressing down.

Plumping up the lower lip

Insert your two thumbs into the mouth, on the lip, and try to push it outwards. Remove your thumbs, place your fingers on the lower lip and blow on it with the upper lip like a panpipe. The aim: to strengthen the muscles in the lip and improve its tone.

Reducing crow's feet (small wrinkles that radiate out from the eye)

Place your hands together as if in prayer in the middle of your brow, bring them down and part them at the nose so that each hand meets the temples. Place your hands straight and tighten the crow's feet as if to smooth them out. Breathe deeply and try and close your eyelids before releasing. Next, pat the temples with the fingertips to loosen the tissue.