Dress Your Man: The Cardigan

Posted On - 14 Oct 2016

You always have a cardigan at your fingertips, right?

Whether it is in your car, hidden in your desk at the office or stuffed down the bottom of your tote. This definitely doesn’t mean that the same cannot be said for your man! A basic cardigan is a staple - it is as versatile for your man as it is for you!

The beauty of the cardigan is that it can be worn with just about anything. Whether it be with a pair of tailored-fit shorts, with denim or with trousers for a day at the office - the right cardigan can cover all of these bases.

Choosing the Right One for the Right Occasion

The key to dressing your man lies in the timelessness of the garment. You might be leaning towards the overt and loud pattern - but ask yourself, “Will this cardigan be appropriate for every occasion that it may be required?” Think of your own classic black knit cardigan that is strewn over the back of your chair - it will go anywhere or with anything you can imagine season after season.

Stick to classic colours neutral tones of grey and black, but never forget that navy is also extremely versatile and in lots of circumstances, even more so than black!

Don’t forget that quality is key. For a cardigan you should always go for a wool knit or cashmere cotton blend. The fabrication will offer superior quality and will wash and wear so much better than anything else.

Feeling Adventurous?

Although classic colours are a safe option, don’t be afraid to dress your man in a spot of colour either! Just remember that colours should always complement or match your other items.

Pastel colours are a fantastic option. Colorful, yet still office appropriate and extremely flexible! If you want a pattern - versatility lies in subtlety. Aztec prints are best only for denim or trousers and mostly casual occasions because of the bold patterns, whereas a fine polkadot or stripe could not only work for an off-duty outfit, but your man may be able to rock it in the office.

Most importantly, fashion isn’t all about utility - it is all about having fun in your outfits and expressing your personality. As a woman, you’re bound to do this already - but who says you can’t help your man do the same?