Complete Curly Hair Care Guide - 12 Life Saving Tips To Manage Curly Hair

Posted On - 11 Oct 2016

Did you know that hair care techniques that are used for straight and wavy hair do not hold true for curly hair care?
Your Complete Curly Hair Care Guide

Curls may be the most enchanting of all hair types but they are also the hardest to control and manage. Hey, nothing that good comes without its share of difficulties.

12 Curly Hair Tips to Manage Curly Hair EasilyOne of the most important tips for curly locks is to find a hairdresser who really knows how to style curls without damaging them.A persistent issue with curly hair is that the ends tend to get very dry. Make sure you use good extra conditioning products to make it easier to comb through hair without damaging it or depleting the essential oils your scalp produces naturally.Find a shampoo and conditioner that are specific to curly hair. Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care shampoo and conditioner is a good option, as it doesn’t let your hair dry out and helps to give it a soft texture!Curly hair isn’t like other types of hair; washing it too much can be disastrous. Do not wash your hair more than twice a week.Use a nourishing leave-In conditioner if your curls feel dry after a wash.It is a good idea to keep styling gels, anti-frizz serums and heat protectants handy at all times. Curly hair tends to behave rather unpredictably!Hot oil massages with coconut oil are a must to tame curls. Mix a few drops of either almond or olive oil into the coconut oil for extra nutrition and gently massage into your scalp until it soaks in.The best time to untangle your curls is when they are wet or damp. Doing so when they are dry will further augment dryness and increase frizz. Do not use a narrow toothed comb; it will cause a lot of breakage. Opt, instead, for a wide toothed comb with soft bristles.Curly hair gets frizzy in a jiffy when exposed to heat. It’s always a better idea to air-dry your precious curls. Also, avoid taking hot water showers; cold water is the most curl-friendly but if you detest cold water showers, lukewarm water should also do fine.As of this moment, completely quit rough combing, relaxing or flat ironing your hair.Treat your curls gently and if you’re going to use any heat styling treatments, do not do so without using a thermal protectant. It’s also a great idea to useserum before and after styling.While detangling your hair is best done when it is damp, do not style it when damp. Air dry before you do any kind of hair styling.Girls with curly hair can benefit much more from using accessories than girls with other hair types. Not only do they look stylish but they also serve to hold the curls in place.