Bridal Hairstyle Tips No Indian Bride Thinks About

Posted On - 12 Oct 2016

Finding the right bridal hair style is as important as your wedding outfit.

Planning a perfect wedding takes a lot of work and attention to detail. The dress, the jewellery, make-up and your hair, of course!  But even if you have expert hair stylists to take care of this, here are some tips to consider that’ll make your wedding hairstyle as much a showstopper as the rest of your ensemble.

Tips your hair stylist won’t tell you

Choose a look: Do you want to go retro, stay traditional or go for something elaborate?  The good thing is that as an Indian bride, you can have one for each ceremony. Isn’t that cool?  What better way to showcase different aspects of your personality?

Know your hair type:  Everyone’s hair is different and life becomes easy if you work with your type. Use a stylist you trust as they can help you pick the right style. You want to be comfortable and confident about your look on your big day. Click here for trendy and stylish hairstyles to standout in 2015.

Personality:  Pick a bridal hairstyle that suits your personality. Are you conservative or bold?  Traditional or trendy?  Subtle or sassy?  Try out different styles well before the wedding to see which ones suit you. You may also choose to sport trendy pin curls hairstyleat weddings.

Shape of face:  This is the most important deciding factor. Choose a style that complements your features. High up-dos and buns would look great with round faces, soft wispy hair for an angular face.

Complement the dress:  Keep in mind that your hairstyle and make-up will have to complete the look. Not compete! When in doubt, choose simplicity. 

Location:  it’s a smart idea to pick the dress, makeup and hairstyle with weather in mind. If your wedding is slated for the summer, think comfortable and classy. If it is a beach wedding, you can get away with a loose and unstructured hairstyle. Use hair products like hair spray and gel to keep hair in place.

Multiple ceremonies:  You can have a great hair day if you know the sequence of events. If dancing is a part of the ceremonies, choose a style that lends itself to being tied up easily. This can be easily achieved with a few hairpins and spray.

Prepare in advance:  Work with your hairstylist well in advance. Try extensions before the wedding so that you can add them in if necessary.

One final checklist

Plan in advance to grow your hair if you have a style in mind.Colour your hair a week before the wedding.Book the hair stylist of choice in advance. Good ones are booked for months.Take pictures of your dress so that you can get the best possible style.Do a trial run of the style so you can refine it to your taste.Experiment with colour or cuts close to the big day