Believe It Or Not! Winter Fashion comes Bulk-Free.

Posted On - 13 Oct 2016

It’s possible to look stylish and un-bulky even with an abundance of clothing and accessories. No need to give up style for comfort.

Cold weather not making you feel stylish enough?  Can’t blame you.  Our lives are a pile of thermals, cardigans, jackets, mufflers, boots, phew!   We don’t want to freeze like ice lollies, but we definitely don’t want to look like a baggy, bulky snow woman.

Here are a few practical winter fashion tips for staying stylish and warm.

Be hot when the temperature drops

Layer with style:  Live in a place where temperatures tend to be moody?  Thermals and layering is the way to go.  Pair jumpers or hoodies with tees and shirts.  Wrap a scarf for some cool chic.  Throw over a blazer or trendy jacket for a touch of formal.

Fleece is the future:  Ditch your old itchy sweater for some 21st century fabrics like polar fleece and lightweight cashmere.  They’re not only affordable, but also available in trendy colours.  Some brands recycle plastic to make fleece, which are a great alternative for the environment conscious.  Simple cashmere sweaters are also a worthwhile investment.

Slim in Spandex:  Got an on-going battle with the bulge?  Look for clothes which have a bit of Spandex or Lycra so they hug your curves.  Top up with a coat or shawl and get the look.

Sync with synthetics: If you are the outdoorsy type, buy the right gear based on your activity.  Synthetic fabrics wick away moisture from the body and keep you warm in cold weather as well. 

Eternal jacket:  Make sure to take a jacket along for the day especially if you are going out later.  A good windcheater or leather jacket protects you on windy days.  Look for jackets with detachable liners which can be added or taken out based on weather needs.  Going to the hills for a short stint? Buy a hard shell jacket which blocks wind and rain – lots of great products available in the market.

Classic leather:  Leather jackets and dresses are very much in vogue as winter wear for women.  Pick a piece which will make you look ramp-ready and also keep you warm.

Calf-length coats:  Long coats are also fashionable – thigh length coats will keep you warm and kick up the fashion quotient a notch.

Accessorise with cardigans:  Cardigans are great accessory to wear on the not so cold winter days.  Pair up with leggings or jeans and a fitted long sleeved t-shirt for a casual, stylish look.  Dress it up by using brooches or chunky jewellery.

Summer surprises: Strapless summer dresses can be worn over fitted turtlenecks for a completely new look.

Head to toe warmth: Boots are a great winter fashion accessory – knee length boots keep feet and legs warm and also jazz up a dress or skirt.

Lighter innerwear: Fitted camisoles under tops will add layers without bulk.  Lightweight leggings help to keep the lower body warm as well.

Scarves and shawls: A girl can’t have enough scarves to jazz up her wardrobe.  These little gems can be bought in silk, acrylic or even wool and add instant colour and interest to an outfit.  Invest in a variety of colours – mix and match to make up your own style.  

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