5 Wedding Hairstyles That’ll Make The Bride Envious

Posted On - 12 Oct 2016

A wedding is an excellent opportunity for you to show yourself in the best light. And who says the light is always focused on the bride. Even as a guest at a wedding you can have heads turn your way with the gorgeous hairstyle.

Unless it’s your own wedding, we’d like to believe that you have a fixed number of outfits that can do justice to the extravagance that is an Indian wedding. The same outfit, more often than not, calls for the same accessories. And before you know it, you might get tired of the same look.

This time around, why don’t you give the same outfit a twist with some new Indian wedding hairstyles? Try one of these latest hairstyles for Indian weddings and you could be quite the show-stopper yourself.

And no, you don’t need to book an appointment at the salon. These simple hairstyles for Indian weddings are easily manageable at home too.

#1 Ultra-straight hair pulled into a sleek low ponytail


Whether it’s a daytime or evening wedding, you can up your glam quotient with this ultra-straight hair style. If you’re blessed with straight hair, this style is very easy and quick to put together. If not, you can iron your hair. To get this classy look, comb the hair over to one side and tie into a straight, sleek ponytail.

#2 Messy braids


When you’re not the bride, you can afford to be a little irreverent and carry off a messy look with aplomb. Tie a normal braid and run your fingers through it when done to give it the slightly tousled look. Pair off with gorgeous earrings to complete the look.

If you dont want to braid your hair, you could also try this messy bun hairstyle

#3 Neat and Tidy, Oversize Topknot


If messy isn’t your look, and leaving your hair open isn’t an option, try the oversize topknot. This retro look can be accentuated with large, bold earrings that draw everyone’s eyes to your face.

#4 Change the Parting


If your usual style is to wear your hair down and you don’t want to tie it up for the event, how about giving it a new look by changing your parting? Flip it to the other side, add on some serum for a glossy look and carry off the new you.

#5 Loose, Pulled-back Curls


You got curls, woman. There’s so much you can do with that. Pull back the hair and pin it lightly with a lovely clasp or decorative comb. Leave a few face-framing coilsto give your face a soft, welcoming look.