5 Products Your Dry Hair Is Crying For

Posted On - 11 Oct 2016

Static. Frizz. Brittle. Dry. If these words describe your hair, it needs help and so do you.

Winter or summer or monsoon, if your hair is dry and frizzy all year round, it is a disaster that robs you of your sleep and peace of mind.

What your hair needs is gentle moisturising and deep conditioning to overcome its dryness. And we have just the right ideas for you. We have a list of products that you need to get when you go shopping next. 

Along with that, there are some Dos and Don’ts you need to follow that will make sure your hair looks soft and bouncy, and is manageable without you wanting to pull it out from the roots. 

#1: Oil your hair

The best and the most easily available product is hair oil for dry hair. A deep massage before your bath (weekly, if not every time) will nourish your hair and give it the moisture boost it needs. Don’t go overboard or you’ll be left with a greasy residue even after shampooing.

 #2: Look for a hydrating shampoo

There is a reason there are different products for different types of hair. Instead of picking up just any bottle, look for a shampoo for dry hair, one that contain hydrating properties. Aloe Vera is one of the ingredients that works miracles on dry hair. Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Shampoo is a mild, moisture balancing shampoo which helps your dry hair effectively!

 #3: The magic of serum

Invest in a good hair serum for dry hair. Some products can actually undo the damage caused by years of neglect. Say goodbye to dryness and split ends.

#4: Don’t hide your dry hair, mask it

Once every week, nourish your hair with a hydrating mask. Leave out the conditioner for dry hair that day and use a mask instead. Let it sit for longer than the conditioner and then rinse it out. The transformation is indeed magical.

#5: Use a leave-in cream

Massage in a nourishing leave-in cream while your hair is still damp. When you style your hair, the result is silky-smooth hair.

 Some Dos and Don’ts

Split ends also cause the hair to feel rough and dry to the touch. Snip off the split ends. Look for products that will repair the damage and literally ’stick’ the split ends together and prevent them from occurring again.Deep condition your hair once every week. It could be simple hot oil conditioning, or you could get a hair deep conditioner product from the market.Allow your hair to air-dry. If that’s not possible, use the medium heat setting to prevent further drying out of your strands.Always protect your hair with a serum before using a flat iron or straightening tongs.